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    Welcome to Brights Zoo! See rare and endangered species in beautiful, lush surroundings. More than than 80 different animal species live at the Zoo; visit them all! Learn interesting facts about some of the animals during our daily, scheduled keeper talks and personally feed a giraffe or lorikeet a tasty treat at an animal encounter. See the daily events schedule for keeper talk and animal encounter times. Read More
  • Injured Wild Animal?

    What Do I Do When I Find A Hurt Animal?Many people cause further harm to an animal because of intervention in an improper way. Know when you should act and when you should leave them alone. This is the first step in truly helping any wild animal. Read More

Most Requested Information

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Thank you for planning your visit to Brights Zoo. We want your visit to be a top notch experience. Take a moment and review this section to pre-plan your visit, so you take full advantage of all we have to offer. In this section, we cover the most common questions asked by visitors. Be sure to visit each tab and page.




We are located right off Highway 11-E (also known as Andrew Johnson Highway, Highway 321) in Limestone;  8 miles West of Jonesborough and 10 miles East of Greeneville.

If you are using a GPS device to get to the zoo, some require you to enter the address as follows:

3425 HWY US 11E



3425 US HWY 11E


Others require:

3425 Andrew Johnson HWY


From Johnson City or Jonesborough on HWY 321- 11-E - Andrew Johnson Highway.  You will pass Mountain View Restaurant, then Grace Brethren Church - both on the right. Once you have passed Grace Brethren Church, start looking to your right and you will see animal exhibits. Turn right into the zoo parking lot located directly on HWY 11E.

From Greeneville on HWY 321- 11-E - Andrew Johnson Highway. You will pass Johnny’s market on your right, then start looking to the left. You will need to make a U-Turn in order to enter the zoo parking area.


small map   Download This Map



Please note that the Zoo may close due to inclement weather or other circumstances without notice. Check Facebook for announcements or call 423-257-1927 when the weather forecast indicates precipitation or cold weather.     
Winter Hours

Brights Zoo is currently closed for the winter season.



Events Schedule

Visit the Downloads Section for schedules, maps and other information.

Select animal feeding programs are offered on a managed schedule. If you are interested, ask about the feeding program schedule when you purchase your tickets. Additional fee applies. Feedings are offered on a first come first served basis up to the daily maximum visitor feeding count.


2014 RATE CARD (Prices and hours subject to change without notice)


General Admission (Self-guided Tours)

Adults            $19.95


Ages 13 -18   $15.95

Ages 2 -12     $12.95

Students        $15.95 (with college ID)

Seniors          $17.95 (Age 55 and over)

Military w/ ID  $15.95 or 10% off total paid admissions

Nectar for feeding lorikeets - $2 per cup

Carrots for feeding giraffes - $1 per carrot



Season Passes

Season passes go on sale March 15th and are valid for the entire season. With a season pass, you receive unlimited admission to the self-guided area of the zoo.

A season pass for a family of four is $160. (Add additional children for $35 per child)

A couple's season pass is $95.

Season pass for a single individual is $65.95

Please keep in mind:

Season passes are good from April 1st to the end of each season. Seasons end based upon weather conditions - generally sometime in November or December.

Season Pass Benefits:

• Unlimited general admission zoo visits for the entire season for the guests named on the card.

• 10% discount for special events

• 10% discount on private parties

• 10% discount for Private Safaris

• $1.00 off nectar for feeding the lorikeets.

• A replacement for a lost or stolen season pass is $5.00.



Group Rates of 15 or More

Self-guided Tour

Adults              $15.95


Ages 13 - 18    $15.00

Ages 2 - 12      $11.95

Seniors            $13.95 ( Age 55 and over)

Military w/ ID    $11.95 



Guided Private Tours (Reservation required)

Up to 4 guests       $160.00

5 - 9 guests           $35.00 per guest

10 - 14 guests       $30.00 per guest

15 + guests           $20.00 per guest

Reservations for guided private tours are required. Please make reservations at least 48 hours in advance to ensure a private guide is available. 

For reservations, call (423) 257-1927 during regular zoo hours.  



Education Group Rate

Guided Education Tour

NOTE: Guided education tours will no longer be included as part of the admission price for education groups that make reservations after May 1, 2014. Groups can add a guide (based on availability) for an additional $50.00 per 30 admissions, but please request the  guides when scheduling your visit.

 Self-Guided Tour 

Students $7.

One educator admission at $7 for every 15 paid student admissions

One bus driver admission at $7 for every 40 paid student admissions

Additional guests can attend at the group rate of $15.95 per adult, $13.95 per senior citizen and siblings for $11.95 per child (ages 2-12) when prepaid by a tax-exempt education group. Guests that are not included as part of the lump sum payment for tax-exempt groups must pay sales tax.


Please keep in mind:

• To qualify for the group rate, there must be 15 or more paid admissions. Children under 2 years of age do not count toward the group total.

• Education group discounts require a one lump sum payment to cover all students and staff booked at the tax exempt rate.

• No other discounts can be applied to the group rate.

• Groups over 60 must be approved by the zoo administrator.

• Lorikeet Landing and giraffe feedings are not available to groups over 60.

• A confirmation will be sent upon receipt of completed materials. Please allow 24 hours for response.

• Please reserve at least one week in advance.

• Tax-exempt purchases may not be paid with cash, personal check, or personal charge. If you are not a tax-exempt institution, you must pay Tennessee state sales tax.

• If your group is tax exempt, please provide a copy of tax exemption / resale certificate when you register, or pay at the gate.

• Brights Zoo accepts debit and credit cards (VISA, MasterCard and Discover). 



Birthday Package

 Our Birthday Breezeway Package Includes:

• $248.00 + tax (15 guests) or $278.00 + tax (30 guests)

• Party coordinator

• Use of covered breezeway area with tables and seating

• Mascot visit to birthday party

• Unlimited ice

• Happy birthday message to celebrator on the Brights Zoo digital sign

How do I reserve a birthday party?


Our Birthday Party Private Room Package Includes:

• $299.00 + tax (for up to 15 guests and Private Party Room for one hour)

• $380.00 + tax (for up to 30 guests and Private Party Room for one hour)

• Party coordinator

• Mascot visit to birthday party

• Unlimited ice

• Happy birthday message to celebrator on the Brights Zoo digital sign


• Choice of movie on big screen from this list - View Movie List

How do I reserve a birthday party?


Additional Guests:

Additional adults                           $15.95 per guest

Additional children                        $11.95 per guest

Additional senior citizens              $13.95 per guest

Additional Military Guests w/ ID    $11.95 per guest



Use of Brights Zoo Private Party Room:                                  $75.00 per each additional hour

Visit from bottle fed babies or trained animals                         $20.00 per animal

Hot dog, chips, and juice meal for party kids (pre-reserve)     $2.50 per guest (add chili or cheese for .25 per hot dog)

Nectar to feed Lorikeets                                                           $1.00 per guest

Party themed gift bags for children                                          Varies (ask at time of booking)


You are welcome to bring additional food and beverages for your birthday celebration, but please do not bring glass containers or drinking straws.

Sorry, but grills are not allowed.

No balloons, streamers or confetti please! These items pose a choking risk to our animal friends.

How do I reserve a birthday party?


Intimate Adventures 

Keeper of the Day

$300.00 per person (2 people maximum)

Behind the Scenes Tour

$100.00 per person and groups are limited to 6 people or less.

Gratuity for your guide is included in the Behind the Scenes tour cost.

Private Photo Safari

$100.00 per person








No Smoking

For the health of our guests, staff and animals, Brights Zoo is a smoke-free facility. This includes electronic cigarettes. Smoking is restricted to a designated area in the parking lot. Visitors who want to smoke may exit through the gift shop and then present their admission receipt for re-entry.



Brights Zoo may close due to inclement weather or other circumstances without notice. Check Facebook for announcements or call 423-257-1927 when the weather forecast indicates precipitation or cold weather. No refunds or rain checks are offered due to weather conditions.

In the event of severe weather while visiting the zoo, guests should seek shelter in the closest building, away from windows and doors. Zoo staff will assist in guiding guests to safety until conditions have improved.


Please Do Not Feed The Animals!

The animals at Brights Zoo are fed a nutritious diet designed specifically for their needs, and throwing food into habitats may risk their health and safety. For a small fee, Brights Zoo does offer the opportunity to feed the giraffes, lorikeets, and goats with food prepared by the Zoo.


Respect the Animals

Many of the animals are timid, so please do not harass or tease them, make loud noises, or reach into or bang on exhibits. Running is also prohibited, because quick movements can be threatening to our animals and can frighten them into injuring themselves.


Stay on Public Pathways

Rocks, fencing, and other barriers are designed to protect visitors and animals from harm. Do not climb on or under fences. Please remain on public pathways and obey signs.


Food & Drink Policy

Food and drink can be brought into our facility. However, we do not allow alcoholic beverages, glass containers, drinking straws, or chewing gum. Please keep the zoo beautiful and deposit trash in designated receptacles.


Shirt and Shoes Required

Proper attire, including shirt and shoes must be worn at all times. Clothing with profanity, obscenities or any other offensive material deemed inappropriate by Zoo staff is prohibited.


No Pets

Due to health and safety concerns, pets are not permitted on Zoo grounds. For the health of your pet, please do not leave it in your vehicle. Guests who rely on service animals may bring them into the Zoo, provided that the animals remain properly leashed. Guests are solely responsible for the care and control of their animals. Even trained service animals can cause undue stress to zoo animals, so they are not permitted in Lorikeet Landing or at other Animal Encounter events.


Do Not Damage Vegetation

The landscaping at the Zoo is for eveyone's enjoyment; please do not pick or damage flowers, leaves, bamboo, or other vegetation.


No Soliciting

The solicitation of visitors, the selling of any items, or distribution of any advertisement, circular, or handbill is prohibited within the Zoo, or in the parking area.


No Professional Photography

Photography for personal use is allowed. Commercial photography or filming requests must be arranged through the Zoo Director.


Prohibited Items

  • alcoholic beverages
  • balloons
  • chewing gum
  • drinking straws
  • glass
  • laser pointers


Failure to Follow the Rules

Brights Zoo reserves the right to escort from zoo grounds any individuals or groups who are acting in ways deemed harmful to our animals or the park, or that adversely affect the enjoyment of the zoo by other guests.


We reserve the right to inspect packages, bags, and containers. Brights Zoo is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged articles. During your visit, visitors may be photographed or videotaped by employees. Admission to the zoo serves as permission to use your image and audio or video recordings for any purpose without payment.




Please dress appropriately for the weather. In April and May, mornings are typically cool while temperatures later in the day are usually more comfortable. In the event of rain, we will continue the tour or try and wait out the weather under shelter. Once a tour has begun, Brights Zoo will not give out rain checks or refunds.


Guided Tour Rain Policy

If precipitation is in the forecast, or if it is raining on the morning of your scheduled tour, the group organizer who reserved the tour should contact Melinda in the Brights Zoo Giftshop at 423-257-1927 melinda moble bigger and decide whether to proceed with the tour as planned, or reschedule.

Once a tour begins, Brights Zoo does not provide rain checks or refunds. If the group organizer decides to proceed with the tour as planned and the weather is questionable, please dress appropriately for the conditions such as a light raincoat.


Late Arrivals

We understand that factors beyond your control may cause you to be late, so please call 423-257-1927 and let us know.


Guided Group Tours

We ask that everyone stay with their group at all times. Your guide will make sure you get to see everything and also give you plenty of time to take photos.


Lorikeet Landing

For groups larger than 60 people we will not do Lorikeet Landing. We typically can only put 15 people at a time in with the lorikeets and each group stays for approximately 5 minutes. By the third or fourth group of people the lorikeets are full and will provide less interaction for the remaining people. Lorikeet Landing is also not available after 4:00 PM, because the lorikeets are moved to their nighttime lodging.