[Psophia crepitans]
  Habitat: Mature, dense tropical rainforests
  Height: 19-22"
  Weight: 35-46 oz
  Incubation Period: 28 days
  Number of Young: 3-6
  Conservation Status: Near Threatened


- Is a weak flier and prefers to run
- Perch in trees at night to sleep
- Dominant female mates with up to three dominant males; no mating by other group members
- When the eggs hatch, all the adults in the group will assist in feeding and caring for the chicks
- Young are sometimes transported from the nest shortly after hatching in the bill of the parent
- Commonly tamed as pets, they are effective sentinels because of their loud and unmistakable “trumpeting” call.

Grey Winged Trumpeter Coloring Sheet

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