[Giraffa camelopardalis reticulata]
  Habitat: Savannas and open woodlands
  Height: 14-18'
  Weight: Males 1,700-4,000 lbs  Female 1,200-2,500 lbs
  Max Lifespan: 28 years
  Gestation Period: 15 months
  Number of Young: 1
  Horns: Male & Females
  Conservation Status:Endangered


  -  Tallest animal in the world
  -  Can run at speeds up to 35 mph
  -  Spends 10-14 hours per day feeding
  -  Can eat 75 lbs. of vegetation per day
  -  The two bony growths on their head are called "ossicones".
  -  Neck can grow to 8 ft. in length and weigh up to 500 lbs.
  -  Able to go weeks without water
  -  Typically sleeps from 1-20 minutes at a time
  -  Every giraffe has a unique pattern of spots, like a fingerprint
  -  Giraffes do not sweat or pant
  -  Unlike most other herd animals, giraffe herds have no leader
  -  Long, muscular, prehensile tongue enables giraffes to eat thorny foods
  -  Walks by swinging both legs on one side of the body forward at the same time
  -  Uses front legs  to strike predators
  -  Male giraffes fight other males by striking them with the side of their head like a sledgehammer (males have extra bone deposits on their skull for this purpose

Reticulated Giraffe Coloring Sheet

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