[Varecia rubra]
  Habitat: Forests of the Masoala Peninsula in Northeastern Madagascar
  Weight: 7-9 lbs
  Max Lifespan: 20 years
  Gestation Period: 102 Days
  Number of Young: Up to 6
  Conservation Status: Critically Endangered


  - Spends a lot of time grooming itself and each other
  - Females are slightly larger than males
  - Females build nests 30 to 60 feet about the forest floor
  - Tails are not prehensile
  - Different alarm calls specify the location of danger and the type of predator
  - Mainly a fruit eater, though it is known to eat leaves and shoots
  - Most active in the morning and evening
  - They live in social groups consisting of two to 16 animals

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