[Aotus azarai]
  Habitat: both high and low tropical rainforest, gallery and island forests with dense canopies
  Height: 13.6”
  Weight: 16-44 oz
  Max Lifespan: 20 years
  Gestation Period: 126-133 days
  Number of Young: 1-2
  Conservation Status: Least Concern



- The only nocturnal monkey, but is active periodically and sporadically throughout both the day and night (Cathemeral) due to environmental factors   
- Extremely large eyes give them excellent night vision
- Owl monkeys are fruit eaters (frugivores) and supplement their diet with flowers, insects, nectar, and leaves
- Insect foraging occurs at dawn and dusk, and  are adept at  grabbing flying insects out of the air
- Immune to malaria, owl monkeys have played an important role in understanding how the parasite that causes malaria attacks the human body

Owl Monkey Coloring Sheet

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